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Skin Clinic Adelaide SA - ask us about our Coolsculpting and Dermal Fillers treatment options

Is it your first time looking into Cosmetic Medicine?

Cosmetic Medicine is designed to make your outside look as healthy as your inside. At epiclinic® in Adelaide cosmetic enhancement is performed by medical professionals such as Dr Michael Molton, who has undergone years of study and has experience in the practice and development of Cosmetic Medicine.

At epiclinic®, it’s not about looking 20 again, it’s about looking the best you can for your age with subtle enhancement and a tailored treatment plan.

epiclinic® is a world pioneer in the use of accurate 3D technology, or SAFV Scan, to precisely monitor the changes after volume replacement. No other clinic offers this unique image-capture system. That’s where Cosmetic Medicine can help.

It’s not Beauty Therapy and it’s not Plastic Surgery at epiclinic®.

Why Cosmetic Medicine?

Do you feel like it’s finally time to spend time on yourself? Do you want to look bright and fresh-faced again? Do you want to look healthy as well as feel it? These are all reasons why people choose Cosmetic Medicine to help them.

We believe that Cosmetic Medicine should be your gift to yourself, something that you can be ecstatic about yet not forced to tell the world that you’ve had treatment – a natural looking result.

There is more pressure than ever to look bright and lively, whether it be in the workforce or in social environments. Cosmetic Medicine can help replenish the vibrancy in your skin with treatments such as Fraxel laser therapy. The non-invasive solutions available here at epiclinic® in Adelaide are designed to subtly enhance your skin and body, without overdoing it with invasive surgery.

Dr Michael Molton offers Coolsculpting (an alternative to liposuction)

I feel very honoured to have been awarded the prestigious “Luminary in Coolscupting™” by the manufacturer Zeltiq while in attendance at the university headquarters in Pleasanton, California USA. Currently I share this privilege with only two other medical practitioners in Australia, Specialist Dermatologist Dr Greg Goodman, (Victoria) and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr Mark Magnusson (Queensland). I look forward to the upcoming lecture program and sharing my experiences with colleagues and peers in 2015. In my mind, this award goes to our team at epilcinic, not just one individual, and it could not have been achieved without encouragement and technical support from Zeltiq. Thank you everyone.

The environment can take its toll on your skin and body

Our non-invasive solutions are designed to combat the effects that life has had on your face and body. Smoking, childbirth, years of sunbathing and even weight loss or weight gain can leave our bodies looking worse for wear, even if we feel healthy. Cosmetic Medicine by epiclinic® in Adelaide features treatments for virtually any cosmetic issue, and can help your appearance reflect the way you truly feel inside.

You will always be your true self, even after treatment

It’s also not about wanting to look like a different person for most patients. It’s about looking fresh-faced, bright and vibrant. We want to reinject lustre into your skin, so that you can have that dewy, youthful look without doing anything ‘major’ to inspire confidence.

Skin Clinic Adelaide

For more information on our range of cosmetic medicine treatments, contact Dr Molton who is happy to answer your niggling questions and guide you to great results.

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